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"I’ve been amazed by how I feel about  the way my work with Corinne is helping me. When I think back to our first conversation I can see that I've made real progress, and that many things are coming clearer, and that I'm even finding some self-acceptance that I didn't even know I was looking for...

It's really quite incredible. Her time and her skills and compassion are a true gift.”


"Working with Corinne has been a completely wonderful and enlightening experience.  She has helped me to transform my foggy and loosely defined career yearnings into focused achievable goals that are sensitive to my needs as a mother, a partner, and a professional.  Every time I meet with Corinne, I feel renewed, empowered, and fully supported.  It is a complete pleasure to spend time with this open-hearted, intuitive, and intelligent soul."


"I started working with Corinne in late 2016 because I wanted to be transparent and true to myself.  In essence, to have what I say, do and feel be in total alignment.  With Corinne's guidance, I'm getting closer to this goal.  I treasure the one hour every 2 weeks where Corinne enables me to pause everything, release and reflect.  What's most important though, is that I'm seeing myself improve.  Making mentally and emotionally healthy decisions are becoming second nature and I’m grateful to her for this personal growth."


"Corinne has offered me support in a challenging transition. With positivity, practical suggestions, and a loving presence, she is helping me move toward the life I want.”


"It’s like I had another story that was waiting to be heard, and with Corinne’s coaching it has finally been able to come out.  I was so busy staying on top of everything that this other story couldn’t get any light or air. Coaching let it emerge. With Corinne’s support I’ve made decisions I’m not sure I would have otherwise.  I feel like I’ve come back to myself."


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