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Is Coaching Right For you?

My clients successfully...

  • bring mindfulness and self-care into their daily lives

  • balance work, parenting, self-care and relationships

  • identify and take on new opportunities that invite personal growth and deepening

  • recognize and express their feelings and act in integrity with their priorities 

  • shift stressful, conflicted relationships toward clear, creative, positive relationships

  • increase capacity for self-reflection and self-correction

  • develop resiliency and new capacity for meeting change and transition

Meditation by the sea

I Coach Clients Who:

  • Are passionate about changing the world for the better

  • See where they’d like to be in their life and would like support getting there

  • Know that they are ready for a change but aren’t sure where to begin

  • Are navigating times of transition

  • Are ready to make a lifestyle or career change and would like support

  • Feel inadequate and overwhelmed by mothering

  • Want more fulfilling relationship(s)

My Clients...

want to bring more balance, mastery, fulfillment and joy into their lives.  My clients see coaching as a path to better know and become their true and best selves. Through coaching, my clients step fully toward making their ideal life their real life.

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