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How does coaching work?

Coaching is not counseling or therapy.  A coaching relationship is not about diving deep into your emotional patterns or past and lingering there. Coaching focuses more on who you’d like to become. Coaching is about creating or clarifying a vision of personal excellence and success, then taking action to embody that vision. You leave each coaching session with specific actions you are ready to take and new tools to apply in your life.

The most important element of a coaching session is our dialogue.  I have a deeply rooted conviction that highly effective dialogue results in powerful possibilities and positive change.  My most important skills as your coach are deep listening and skillful questioning. I am listening for the emotions and stories beneath the words and designing questions that open windows to new possibilities. Together we build your capacity to show up joyfully and courageously in your life.


My approach

As a holistic life coach, I’m your partner in tracking your joy. Our conversations consider all aspects of your life. You might begin our coaching conversation with a particular worry or challenge and in the course of our session we move from talking about your job, to your dream the previous night, to a conversation you had with your mother.


As humans, we seek happiness.  Happiness lives in our capacity for connection. When we are connected to our truest self, to those we hold dear, to the wider world we feel alive and happy.  And yet we hold responsibilities, fears, scars and shame that influence our choices and capacity to engage. Through our coaching conversations, we clarify your joys and gently engage with what may be holding you back. My aim is for you to leave each of our sessions feeling in touch with what life is offering you right now, armed with clear actions you are excited to take.

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