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Grow Into Your True Self

Integral Leadership Coaching

Most of us have a vision tucked in our hearts of how we'd like to be living our lives. We have a sense in our bodies of what it would feel like if we brought our whole being to the roles we fill at work, at home, in our communities.

My approach to coaching is about nurturing those visions and learning to embody new ways of being that allow those visions to unfold. When we touch in and give voice to what is real for us right now, new ways of seeing our lives emerge and new ways of being become possible. Coaching can empower us to connect with our joy, with our courage, with what brings meaning.

About me:

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Welcome! I'm Corinne. I've been formally practicing as a life coach since 2015, but informally for at least 20 years.  Coaching is about listening for the stories that guide us, asking questions that get to the heart of what matters to you right now, and crafting a path forward that brings all of who you are to life. I’ve loved having those types of conversations for as long as I can remember. There is nothing more meaningful to me than supporting my clients on their path to achieving their personal vision of excellence. When I’m not having a coaching conversation, I’m also a speaker, writer, community organizer, and fervent wellness remedy-maker.  I have a Master’s degree in Leadership from Naropa University, where I studied meditation, organizational development and authentic leadership.  I am a certified professional coach with New Ventures West. I live with my family on a ridge top in Virginia’s beautiful Blue Ridge mountains outside Charlottesville.

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